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Home Group Bible Series

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Welcome to our Home group Bible Series. We post here Bible teaching presentations we have done in our home groups. They entail different topics and subjects on how to become better and more knowledgeable Christians. The Bible is the Living word of God, which you should read and understand each and every day, to build your Christain Character.

Below is the list of presentations we have done so far. the ones that have not been converted to HMTL, will just show a pdf link. All presentation will eventually be in HMTL format.


Christian Character

- Christian Character - What does it mean to you?

- Developing Christian Character


- Holy Spirit - part 1

- Walking in the Spirit

- Empowered by the Spirit


- Book of Ephesians

- Your Identity in Christ

Body of Christ

- The Church: The Body of Christ

- Your Place in the Body of Christ

- Discovering your Gifts and your Fit into the Body of Christ

- A Lifetime of Service

Growing in Grace

- Overcoming challenges in serving

- Growing in Grace

- Growing in Faith

Vision of Christian Growth

The New Vessel Home Group Lesson Series