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Discovering your Gifts and your fit in the Body of Christ

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Discovering your Gifts and your fit in the Body of Christ

Written by Super User. Posted in Home group lessons

Download the presentation here in pdf format

(Each of the biblical references below will highlight the verses in question.)

There are four categories of Spiritual "Things" - [1 cor 12:1-7]

  • Gifts - [romans 12:6-8]
  • Ministries [eph 4:11]
  • Effects
  • Manifestations [1 cor 12:8-10]

9 Spiritual Gifts [1 cor 12:1] 

Cautions about spiritual gifts [gal 5:22-23]

The purpose of spiritual gifts 

  • Glorify God in His church: [1 Peter 4:10-11]
  • Build up the body of Christ: [Eph 4:12]
  • Promote unity of the body: [Eph 4:13]
  • Develop maturity of the body: [Eph 4:14]
  • Promote growth of the body: [Eph 4:16]
  • Promote the common good for all: [1 Cor 12:7]
  • Moving in our spiritual gifts requires a DEDICATION to service, stirred by love, in order to meet each other’s needs or provide solutions joyfully

From Childhood to maturity

  • Interdependance
  • Independance
  • Dependance

Basic facts about gifts

  • No one receives all gifts [1 Cor 12:28]
  • No single gift is given to everyone [1 Cor 12:29]
  • Lack of love renders a gift ineffective [1 Cor 13:1-3]
  • Faithfully use the gift [1 Tim 4:14, 1 Cor 4:2]
  • Using my gift will cause me and the church to grow [Ephesians 4:16]


  • Discover your S.H.A.P.E. Assess your gifts and abilities. What are you good at? [Romans 12:3] Where have you seen fruit in your life? Ask your mentor, peers or family for a realistic answer and not flattery. Pray
  • Smart Talented Unique Person In Demand
  • Consider your personal style and your personality
  • Examine your experiences and extract the lessons you have learned. [Galatians 3:4]
  • Accept and enjoy your Shape, and yield it to God [Romans 9:20-21] Recognise your limitations, but focus on the end result, be fruitful in every good work, in order to be a joint that supplies