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New Year 2016

Written by Doreen Mukwena. Posted in Family Life Inspiration

fli logo2016 is a new year and it provides a new opportunity to begin again. Where one missed it in 2015, or you were disappointed, or failed, or gave up, the new year gives a chance to begin again. Failed expectations, unfulfilled dreams, disappointment, hurts are a cause of pain in families. If there is one thing that can stand in the way of one's beginning again on a fresh page, that is pain. Even if you begin, with pain hidden in the recesses of your soul, it becomes the filter through which you see life, you respond to relationships and take action. Pain is a negative factor that inhibits positive growth. Pain is like an uncovered sore on a limb, and it festers and worsens as time goes on. It hurts more and because you want to protect the pain, your responses and reflexes are governed by the pain. This is why a person who has been hurt and wounded in life can easily hurt also, unintentionally though, because they are seeking to protect their own wounds and their pain pervades all their actions. 
But do you want to stop the pain, in yourself and in others around you? The best way of dealing with pain is not to manage it, but heal it. The place for healing pain is by exposing it to the cross of Jesus. 

In Matthew 11:28, the Lord Jesus says, 'Come to me all you who labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest....' 

Come and cast your burden on the cross, for Jesus cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7. He carried your pain 2000 years ago, and you don't need to carry it anymore. You may feel justified about carrying this pain because of the depth of the offence done against you. But remember, if you don't put down your pain, it hinders your own growth and clouds your perception. Lay your burdens and see Jesus, who is bigger that your burdens. It is in the reality of life's challenges that the power of the resurrected Christ is manifested. He will give you newness of life when you turn to Him, and you can begin the new year as a new you. 
Should you need healing from pain in your relationships, don't hesitate to get in touch with me. Please inbox me on Facebook. By Doreen Mukwena