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Written by Peter Mukwena. Posted in Living Concepts

In this 45 minutes "BE LIKE CHRIST" episode of Zimonline Radio's Living Concept with Overseer Mukwena, Shuvai Wutawunashe again starts with Tarira Nguva and Oversser reads from Joshua 14:10-15, John 19:29-30 and Hebrews 12:1-3.

Taking the examples of God, our Lord Jesus Christ and of Caleb the Overseer encourages people to finish all things they do.

The teaching points are:

First - Declare that you will finish
Secondly line up your finishing with the purposes of God.
Then thirdly do it urgently
Lastly, depend on power that comes from Christ Jesus, his word and from the Holy Spirit.

the episodes ends with a song by Anna Zengeya - You are Holy.