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The Church the Body of Christ

  • The Church the body of Christ
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The Church the Body of Christ

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See the associated One Body in Christ worship video here.

(Each of the biblical references below will highlight the verses in question.)

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The 7 Ones: [Ephesians 4:4-16]

  • One body: believers in fellowship with the Holy Spirit and with one another
  • One Spirit: The Holy Spirit walks daily with the believers to keep the unity of the Spirit
  • One hope: a good expectation in this life and a looking forward to a home in heaven
  • One Lord: Christ, redeemed us with his blood
  • One faith: the only requirement to commit to Christ.
  • One baptism: Water baptism which is the sign of dying and rising with Christ; 
and the baptism in the Spirit.
  • One Father: who eternally loves us unconditionally
  • What 5 things must believers do to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace?
  • What does keeping unity mean to you?


Slide 3:

Source of believer’s unity: 
Father Son and Holy Spirit.

  • One Father, One Christ, One Spirit in every believer 
gives them unity. [Ephesians 4:4-6]
  • Unity is not being alike nor thinking alike. 
Unity is in having the same purpose
  • The same Spirit gives different gifts, 
to operate differently in different people, 
to provide diversity and complimentarity/interdependence.
  • Diversity is God’s design to maintain effective function 
of His church, as a living organism
  • Diversity in ministry is necessary for unity to be maintained. [1 Corinthians 12:4-7]; [Romans 12:5-6]; [1 Peter 2: 4-5]
  • What terms are used to describe the church?


Slide 4:

The Head of the Chruch "The Lord Jesus Christ" is in Heaven [eph 1:22-23], [eph 5:23], [col 1:18]

The Body of the Church "The Body of Christ" is on Earth and is made up of the believers [1 cor 12:12-27].

The lost sinner [rom 3:10-23] can be placed into the Body thruth the Saving Faith of the Cross [1 cor 12:13], [john 3:16], [acts 16:31].


Slide 5:

[eph 4:11-13] Explained in picture format on the slide.


Slide 6:

How the body works.

  • The key goal for the body is endeavour 
to keep the unity of the Spirit in peace.
  • Each part of the body be equipped to function as it should
  • Recognise the value of each part/member as a joint that supplies to the body’s growth and increase: interdependence
  • All is based on unconditional love of God
  • The goal is to grow in unity


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The Church (of belivers) is built from:

  • God's Grace [eph 2:7-8]
  • God's Wisdom [eph 3:10]
  • God's Truth [1 tim 3:15]
  • God's Life [col 1:27; 3:4]
  • God's Glory [eph 3:21]
  • God's Power [eph 3:20]
  • God's Love [john 17:22-26]


Slide 8:

[eph 4:16]