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Living Concept Beware 5 thieves of Joy

Written by Peter Mukwena. Posted in Living Concepts

This lesson, as usual, starts with Shuvai Wutawunashe's song, "Tarira Nguva."

There is a reading of several scriptural references and relation on the 5 things that steal joy and the antidote for them.

(1) WORRY, FEAR & ANXIETY: Have faith in God and meditate on His word and praise Him in prayer, making known to Him your requests.

(2) FALSE GUILT: Recognition that you are in Christ, whose mercy endures forever and who took your guilt away.

(3) SELFISHNESS: live with generosity sacrificial service and giving.

(4) IGNORANCE: Truth and knowledge from knowing Christ himself and from counsel, learning, training, mentoring and education.

(5) COMPARISON: Have Godliness with contentment with recognition that the Almighty God is with you.

Lesson ends with Deliwe Zigori's Song, "Heal our land Lord"

Overseer Peter Zvanaka Mukwena, a seasoned and renowned pastor, teacher, preacher and inspirational author delivers weekly Living Concepts every Wednesday at 12pm UK time.