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Written by Peter Mukwena on . Posted in Good News Online Network

Day 2 at Southern Africa Preaching of the Cross Convention. 
March 26, 2016

The 2016 Southern Africa Preaching of the Cross Convention went through its second full day on Saturday 26th March at the City Sports Centre in Harare. 

Ministering at the gathering, Founder and Overseer of the Worldwide Family of God Churches, Apostle Andrew Wutawunashe continued his message: Destinations of the Cross. 

Below are unedited notes from a hearer.


Bible Readings

Genesis 2:7-12, 17; 3:8-15, 22-4
Revelations 2:7
Luke 23:32-43
1 Corinthians 2:1-7
Colossians 2:2-6, 9-15
Hebrews 2:1-2,5: 

Instead of your own crosses of bitterness, burdens, take up the cross of Jesus, for it has a different consequence, destination. Embrace the cross of Jesus. What you are dying for is what Jesus already died for. The destination is paradise, in the garden of God. When you believe in what Jesus did on the cross you are transferred to a garden of God.

In Genesis we see that the situation dictated an easier target because of hearing 
the word as a secondary instruction. It was easier to agree with the questioning. 

The Lord said there are four spiritual prophetic words that will shine hope into hopelessness and put a new strength and energy in the firility which the devil wanted to bring into your life. 


It's important particularly when the devil wants to make you believe, that you no longer know what to do, or where to go. 

After that there is hope and no despair. Torments, sufferings, worries and everĊ· negative thing were carried by Jesus on the cross. Because I believe, I and His cross are one. See yourself already there.

The paradise destinations are always of good things. If you want paradise, be with me. Wherever Jesus is, he carries paradise with him. You have already received manifestations of paradise. Thats the tabernacle of God among men. 

Genesis says God formed man out of the dust, and man became a living being. God came and personally planted a garden. It was full of trees and just pleasant to look at. It was a garden full of trees good for food, the leaves that heal nations are in that garden. 

Every thing we receive in the spirit comes from a tree. Everything they are looking at is good, no shortage, and no sorrow. Everything that gives life is in that garden. 
God puts His people there. No good thing will he withhold from his people that walk up rightly. He puts his people there. There is harmony, agreement, and all is well.

There is something called stewardship,as was,entrusted to Adam. 

Everything you receive has a condition of stewardship. It must kept well. The garden must be handled well. If you get something from God, handle it well. Handle your gardens well. From small things to big things. Oil and polish your bicycle. Rooms, homes, people, marriages. Stewardship is very important. But Adam and Eve, satan came to deceive. 

Stewardship was however violated when man and woman chose to,domwithoutbGod following deception by the devil.

And there was not going to be a paradise without the presence of God. So they hid from the presence of God. 

Then blame game started, the woman you gave me......haah, the serpent they said!

Then God removed them from the garden. When stewardship is violated, things don't happen. Adam and Eve had a new nature, now knew guilt, good and evil. God pushed them out to protect them. When they out of that garden, every good thing pleasant to the eye is no longer has been removed from them. 

Because of sin, paradise was lost. 

When pushed out like that, in His Father heart, God had a desire to give good to His people. He had not created them for barrenness and hardness, pain in child birth, evil spirits coming on him. 

The world becoming a place of chaos, poverty shame, bloodshed and chaos. In that situation, the Father still has a desire, that every good tree was for His people. But they lost it because of the bad stewardship of sin.
Then The Father decided that Adam and his descendants, that their destination must be the garden again. 

I want them back in my paradise. You shall walk in paradise again. You shall eat of the tree of life.

1. When you have Jesus in you, He contains in Himself everything of Gods garden. Life is in Him. Whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. It's a mystery. The joy, peace, health, the good future, righteousness, forgiveness, etc. All is in Him. 

2. Because stewardship had been breached, the unrighteousness which took us out of Eden would have to be punished. This would be done by someone who was sinless, perfect, to be punished on our behalf. This is why Jesus came down from heaven. There is a path which is difficult. A perfect person to be punished for the sin and disobedience, and secondly, the condemnation and guilt, shame, self pity will be taken away by defeating the devil who was the accuser and deceiver of the brethren. 

So the Son of God would also buy them back, defeat the rights of satan over their lives. The way is tough, difficulty, ugly. But He loved us, driven by love. The whole desire of God is to give you the paradise again. The Son of God will undo the exclusion caused by the devil, and buy them back, and restore them to fellowship with the Father and be put back into the garden. 

3. So Jesus is born, of a virgin, without sin, to change you destination. From people who were worshipping false gods, to be worshippers of the Father in spirit and truth. People of His house. Teach them how to live in harmony, how it can be well in their relationships. In the world, yet they did not know who was among them. The Son of God had come to change our destinations. 

4. There are things events in your life, talk of people, the crisis you go through want to tell you that you will end up sinking in some mud somewhere. But get out seeing a destination for good. The Cross of Jesus is involved in current affairs, to deal with my troubles of today. Everything you see in your life today, telling you, you are going nowhere, was given to change your destination, to a destination of good. 

Time after time, people of God in hopeless situation. Jehoshaphat besieged, with no army, but because of the God who changes destinations, he tells them that the battle is not yours. The next day, the story had been turned around. The people who were supposed to be a prey, are the ones taking the loot. 

Even though Moses could not see the way across the aRed sea, he lifted up his rod at Gods instruction and the people crossed on dry ground. The Egyptians were no more. He got a crossover. When Jesus came, He wanted to reveal to me destinations that were not.

5. Jesus blotted out the handwriting that was written against us. He nailed it to the cross. He defeated principalities, powers and triumphed over them. He undid everything that satanism had achieved in our lives. The evil spirits were also defeated. No evil spirit has a right over your life. The end of God's people is deliverance. Every snare of deception, darkness, bad luck, poverty, etc were defeated on the cross. John 1: When Jesus died, in the spirit He descended into hel, where the wicked spirits come from. With all wicked spirits. In John 1: A demon only knows how to do harm. But the pain of the present time is not worthy to be compared with the glory that shall be revealed. 

6. The devil is defeated. That is a historical fact. He was defeated already. Jesus journeyed on the cross for me. He came and defeated every negative destination on the cross. Because you must understand an element of Godsdesign for you. Hebrews2:6Why is man so important. God made made man a little lower than the Angels, crowned with glory and honour. 

7. The cross of Jesus was designed as a path to bring me to glory. Where you are seeing shame, get onto glory. Things happening around, get to the cross and see a destination of glory. Bring many sons to glory. That transport system of the cross does not stop. It is working everyday. He is bringing them to their shining things. 

8. The reason why you can't see what glory God ordained for you is in 1Cor2:9-15. We have received the Spirit of God to know the things which God ordained unto our glory. The book of Hebrews. His cross transports us from exclusion. The garden is contained by Jesus who is in you. Many things are changing. Many destinations are changing.

Saturday Match 26th.

Scripture Readings.
Genesis 12:1-4; Genesis 28: 3-22; Genesis 32:10; Luke 23:43-44; Ephesians:5-15; Hebrews 12:1-2

The day of Pentecost, the Desciples were endured with power from on high. The Holy Spirit rested on each one of them. Let the Holy Spirit rest on you as an individual. Not a gang culture. I am conscious of where I am going. The feast of Pentecost was a feast of harvest. Taking all the labours and coming to reap the fruits. Lay on each life a spirit of harvest. The Holy Spirit will help you to arrive at things, whether a long term or short term journey, arrive at a harvest.

DESTINATIONS OF THE CROSS. They are sourced from the fact that Jesus died for me on the cross, and was paying for every wrong thing I have ever done. He was ensuring that where my life will go is not determined by the narrative that had gone on in the past, but because Jesus died for me. The thief realised the importance of Jesus Cross and said, "Remember me." Jesus gives good destinations by His cross. 

Destinations of the cross will lift up my people to begin to see in their darkness. There are trashed people here who shall be kings and princes. God is taking you where your enemies think you will never get there. 

They are not defined by how people look at you or say about you, or how they mock you or reject you. They are defined by the Word of God

1. There are promises written in the word of God to give direction to your lives. The Lord shall open to you His good treasures, it shall come in the last days, that the mountain of the House of the Lord shall be exalted above all else, I will cause you to ride upon the high places of the earth and feast on the heritage of your father Jacob. 

2. The church which God is building comes out of promises of God. Of wealth, joy, sure dwellings, your God shall give you sure families. The promises of God don't change because leaders have had problems in marriage. 

You will have sure dwellings. Nobody has changed the doctrine, or the promises of God. Your destination is strong families. These hands have prayed for you for many years. This ANOINTING to has lifted you. 

That has not changed in spite of the leaders' problems. People are trying to change people's allegiances by packing lies on Internet. But know that what we believe will never change - celebrate your families, your togetherness.

In years that are coming, organise this church as people working together hand in hand as husband and wives. There are destinations about your lives, relationships, the church, your eco my, in every dimension of life. And ultimately the destination called heaven. 

One day you will walk in that heaven of God.

3. Because the destination are in the promises of God, identify destinations for yourself. Make a decisions that these are the destinations I want. God said to Abraham. Depart, and go to the lad I will show you. I will produce a great name. God knew destination. God will bless me and you will be a blessing. 

God will bless those who bless me and curse those who curse me. This man called Jacob, will be the man who will bring the promise of the father. One day this God will be called, by my name. The identification of a destination is a safe place. Not from what people are saying these days. What are you doing? Are you tipped over by what people are doing. Your name shall be made a great name. It shall be known everywhere. I love my name because the destination of this name is greatness.

4. Don't ignore the cloud of witnesses. Therefore since we are surrounded by a cloud of witnesses. We run the race that is set before us. People can talk till your mind. Is up side down. People can talk till you throw your foundations away. 

In the wilderness people talked until everyone wanted to stone Moses. People who went on God's journeys were ordinary. The David's, examine the journeys of the people in the Word. People rose up against each other. 

Don't leave your station until God tells you. Although it is possible that some can start their things on the foundation that this one is an evil man, God has left him, God himself will tell you what to do. 

When you look at the journey of these witnesses in the the Bible,,There are certain patterns. The Bible does not even edit the paths of their lives, Ignore not the cloud of witnesses and be guided accordingly.

5. The most successful journey of the cross, must be patterned on the journey of Jesus Christ. Hebrews 12: Lets run, looking unto Jesus, because Jesus is the beginner and the finisher of the journeys we must go on. That journey can't be written by people. Pattern your journey after Jesus. 

Jesus by His cross won us new destination. 2. We also look to him because he is the writer, he has given us this journey. He sacrificed for it so that there is a journey. When you look at Jesus look at how he also ran his race. If you want your journey to succeed, He knew the destination where he was going to. My destination is a journey that must come. Everyday, the destination must be clear to me. When Jesus endured it all, God highly exalted him. It's a destination

6. Christ in me, is what I need to believe in completely. When he died, it's me who died. When he rose, it's me who did it. When I receive Him, I must walk with Him. Go with Jesus. It's a journey. It's the presence of Christ. Even God will show you the right human companions. The journey is a personal journey. It's you that is going. There are people that are ordained by God that you should walk with them. When God called Moses, there are people that would not have been a success unless they journeyed with Apostle. Its the Apostles journey which did this. You can steal my journey. The journey is long but the earth is patient. 

The promises have not changed. Stop ungodly spirits of fighting for things where people never know whether it's a political party or church. If your destination is in the Word of God, and you are left in in a pit, more things will come. It's not necessary to wait, because you might be very disappointed. If it's about watching what leaders will do next, then you can be confused. You must walk with servants of God by revelation not by criticism, 

7. Even David went thru a season of difficulty things. They knew whom they were called to walk with on a journey, but nobody can manufacture grace and they walked in it. It's personal for your life. It's your journey, understand it. The most important person to follow on this journey is called Jesus Christ. Jesus is the author and finisher of faith. 

8. Make a decision to embark on a journey. I will look unto Jesus. Let us run with endurance. Let us look unto Jesus, the beginner and finisher of our faith. The promises don't change. Let your destination stay clear to you.