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Family Life Inspiration

Written by Super User. Posted in Devotions


A dialogue and learning platform for interactive discussion on family life


fli logoFamily Life Inspiration is about having inspirational families that motivate every family member for purposeful living. So I am delighted that as you read this, you will be inspired to take your place proactively in your family and begin making a difference. A difference can be made at any level really. Good relationships can be changed to better ones. Bad relationships can also be changed to good. The change can come from one individual who decides to stop expecting others to act and take responsibility and then take action. That individual can be you.

The greatest relationship killer is casting blame on another when there is a relationship challenge, or a stagnancy. Children can easily say, its my mother's problem. If only she can change. Or a sibling can say, it is my brother. If only he could stop being angry. In the meantime, the whole family can be pointing fingers at one another. This will not give the people involved a solution. But take responsibility and take action. The Bible in Philippians 4:13 says, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." So you can take action and make a difference.